Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Zipper has a very dynamic personality, her personality makes her name suit her 100%.  She is so hilarious to watch, her actions are comical and very dramatic. She belongs to my son Tristan and she loves to go on adventures with him.  Her favourite activities are hanging out with him while he fixes in the shop, or snuggling her nose under his armpit in bed.  

She has a silly trick, when laying in the bed you hold open the covers slightly and say 'Zipper, tunnel'.  Zipper gets soooo excited, comes over immediately looking for her snuggle tunnel . She roots around with her nose to find the opening and promptly snuggles in.  She LOVES to snuggle.  When we are sitting down or lying in bed, she will snuggle her nose under your hand or into your lap and immediately fall asleep.

Outside it is a different story.  As mentioned before, her name suits her 110%.  She zips and zooms around at free will.  She LOVES to play.  With other dogs.  With the cats.  With...what ever would offer some playtime to her.  She gets a little frustrated when the horses don't quite know what to do when she asks for play time. 

Little Zipper is a red tri with 2 blue eyes.  She is only 11.5" tall and 9 lbs.  She is a very caring and devoted mommy dog.  She LOVES puppies no matter their size or age.  Sometimes puppies can be almost as big (or bigger) than she is, she promptly goes into play mode and entertains.  She has full siblings that are 19" tall and 35 lbs, so potentially she can produce an XXL aussie when she has puppies.

Above, Zipper just hanging out

Above, Zipper striking a pose for the camera!

Above Zipper is being a little bit of a goofball on my bed

Above, Zipper enjoying playtime with Cherese

Above, Zipper hanging out in one of her dog beds with her mom, Penny

Above, Zipper waiting for a treat to fall into her mouth

Above...Zipper hanging out with Kapoochin, looking for trouble.

Above, Zipper doing what she loves...snuggles with her boy, Tristan.

Above is Zipper at 3 days old

Above...Zipper was so cute when she was tiny...here she is 6 weeks old.