Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Willow is a very happy, happy, happy, eager, obedient little boy.  Most of our dogs are pretty quiet, but Willow likes to talk.  A lot.  He is not really yappy, but talkative, he makes funny squeaks, woofs, grunts, all in means of communication.  

He is a super bubbly little guy, loves to smile.  Quad rides are a favorite, he can run like the wind and has energy left over for when we get home.  Adventures to the lake are one of his top picks, LOVES the trip and likes spending time with us (his human family).  Willow doesn't get offended very easily, but is often times very sad when we do put him in the dog run.  Listens very well, an obedient little guy.

He also really likes wrestling with his best buddies Salsa and Wiggles.  I joke that he and Wiggles should get married as they truly do love one another.  The website homepage features a video clip of Willow and Wiggles caught in one of their play mode moments.

Willow is an outdoor dog, but he would love to live in the house full time.  He has very regular indoor visits on cool days, likes to help us clean the dishwasher out, loves cuddling and giving kisses.

If we could hear what Willow is thinking (internal monologue), it would go something like this: 

"I love you, I really really love you.  Do you want me to do this?  Oh, I really want to make you happy, I am happy.  Are you mad?  I will kiss you and make you happy, I am very happy.  Do you want me to chase the cows?  I can do that!  I love doing that.  Oh, you want me to go into my kennel.  Hmmm.  I don't like doing that, but I will because it will make you happy.  I love making you happy'.  

Willow would make an absolutely amazing agility dog, he has the interest, ability, is very light and agile. 

And to re-cap...did I mention that Willow is bubbly, eager, willing and happy?