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Vaccination and De-Worming routine

Deworming and vaccination routine...keeping your canine companion in top health.

Although I am a strong activist for a herbal and more natural approach, I feel it is important for dogs, just like people, to immunize against the disease as a prevention.  If exposed, various diseases can be potentially fatal, I feel prevention is key prior to their immune system becoming fully mature.  

De-worming.  Every puppy that is born will have worms.  Even if mom is clean and healthy, they are present in their blood stream prior to birth.  To prevent health issues and rid them of worms, we routinely de-worm our puppies at 3 weeks of age, and in 2-3 week intervals afterwards.  As well, our dogs are given a natural anti-parasite dust on their food on a regular basis (diatomaceous earth).  

It is important to regularly de-worm your dog throughout it's lifetime...

This article was written by Racene Eidick solely for the training purposes for puppies that were purchased from Ravine Acres.  The full article (1 page long) will be supplied to the adoptive families of Ravine Acres puppies.  Just ask, I will forward the article in full!