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puppy health/training routine

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To prevent parasites and contagious puppy diseases from entering our kennel, we do not allow visitors that have been in close proximity of other puppies with in 10 days.  Please be mindful of this, if you do visit other kennels, we ask that you respect our health policy and wait to meet the Ravine Acres puppies.  We also ask that you kindly wear different footwear and clothing to your visit.

Our puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age.  They will have received their 1st (and 2nd set of vaccinations if old enough).  They will also have been given kennel cough vaccine will be microchipped.  Health documentation regarding vaccinations and deworming will accompany your pup.  

At 4-5 weeks of age, your pup will be introduced to the  outdoors (weather permitting), playdates at grandmas, learn how to go up and down stairs, hang out in our kitchen, or adventures to the neighbours.  Your pup will be exposed to a wide variety of stimuli along the way, indoor and outdoor activities.  He will be paper trained and shown proper potty manners (by all means not yet house trained, this will of course take diligence and patience on behalf of the new family).  

At 7 weeks of age we start introduction to a travel crate, are kenneled daily for short periods to help with their transition to their new home.  By 8 weeks old, they are relatively comfortable with the 'crate' process, lessening their transitional stress.

All puppies are given a through health check up.  If we feel there are any health concerns, the puppies will be going to our vet for additional trouble shooting and they will be treated in accordance.

All of our parent dogs receive a CERF eye exam, by a certified ophthalmologist yearly (may vary in accordance to availability of CERF clinics).  We test genetically for the following diseases: CH, CEA, CD, DM, HC, JC, HUU, MDR1, CMR1, NCL, NCL6, PRA-PRCD.    Check out Paw Print Genetics for more details on genetic disease testing and why breeders should be doing genetic testing.  

Our dogs have also had their hips and elbows x-rayed by our veterinarian to ensure good placement, if a candidate scores less than favourable, they will not be part of our breeding program.  

Puppies are generally ready to go by 8 weeks of age, however some might be mentally mature enough slightly prior to this...and some take longer to mature.  If we do not feel a puppy is ready to go, we will not release the puppy until we feel that he/she is truly ready to take on their new adventure.