Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 




Stud Services

We have 2 handsome fellows that are available for outside stud services.

Bubbalouie is a 15.5" tall blue merle with 2 blue eyes.  Clear on all eye diseases in the Australian Shepherd panel, MDR1 mutant/normal.

Chile is a 11.5" tall blue merle with 2 blue eyes.   Clear Miniature Australian Shepherd panel.


The boys have hip, elbow and Patella certificates.

Fees for a normal (straight forward) breeding are $1700, or pick puppy back (purebreds with registration only) per breeding, guaranteed a litter of a minimum 2 puppies.  Litter sizes will vary, dependent largely on size of the mom dog.  A smaller sized mom will usually range from 3-5 puppies, larger mom's 6-8.  There will usually be fewer puppies for a first time mom.   If mating does not result in at least 1 live puppy at birth, we offer a 2nd breeding at no charge in the future.  

Price includes boarding while the female is here for breeding (up to 1 week).  If my directions regarding optimum timing are followed, the female may not even need to stay, however if she is not quite ready, she may need to stay a few days to allow a successful date.  She will be dewormed prior to her departure back to your home.  ASDR information for registration if your gal is registered.  

If the female is not receptive upon breeding (takes longer than 45 minutes for the female to show interest in the male), as I mentioned previously, I also welcome the female to stay here for several days if she is not quite ready for no charge.  If you prefer to take her home and A.I. services are requested, stud services are an additional $150 per A.I. breeding.  I have to limit the date to 45 minutes as I have found that when people come out (when the female is not receptive) they tend to want to wait and wait...and wait, some have loitered in my yard all day (6+ hours).  If it has not happened with in the first 45 minutes, she is usually not ready yet and waiting longer that day is just not going to help any.

If the puppy back option is of preference to you, full payment of breeding services is due up front, which will be 100% fully refunded upon pick up or delivery of the puppy (usually around 6-8 weeks of age) unless I have mom dogs that will raise the pup as their own, often times my mom dogs will take in a surrogate puppy as their own.  

All breeding services are to be paid in full prior to pick up. 

Payment accepted for breeding services are e-transfer or cash.  I will contact the family when breeding is complete and ask that she is picked up in a timely manner after successful breeding.  Of course if driving a lengthy distance for the breeding, the girls are more than welcome to stay for a few extra days if the weekend is required for travel purposes.  

Failure to pick your gal up with in a timely manner after stud services have been completed will result in our regular daily boarding fee as outlined under our 'personal boarding services' section.  Daily boarding fees will be in effect until pick up. 

Featured below on the left is Bubbalouie, and on the right is Chile.