Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Sparkkle is a neutral sort of girl, she likes the people in our family all equally, no favorites.  A very dedicated to the family girl, likes to protect her friends and family.  

She is a very obedient dog, promptly running over to you if you whistle or call her name.  The words 'Sparkkle In' sends her to her outdoor dog run, waiting patiently at the door, rushing in as soon as you open it.  She is happy to hang out in there, lays on top of the dog house or play structure that is in there.

Sparkkle very rarely leaves the yard, seldom comes along on quad rides.  She is an active dog, loves running around and plays with her doggy friends, comes over for love and attention, but not needy or pushy.  She enjoys 1 on 1 attention in the house, however does not push her way in like some.  

Her favorite pastime is wrestling with Smidget and Azura.  For some reason she gravitates to the bigger girls, perhaps she doesn't consider the smaller dogs a worthy wrestling contestant. 
Sparkkle can look very stern, many people are apprehensive when they drive into the yard.  She however is the most loving, gentle and sweet dog to those that she trusts.  If you lay down on our front lawn, she will position herself over your body as if to protect you from any harm.