Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 




Puppy/Adult Dog Visitation Information

We encourage and invite adoptive families out to meet the adult dogs, and allow 1 visitation with your puppy prior to pick up.  

We however can not offer visitations with the puppies without a deposit, I need to keep the risk of potential viral contaminants to a minimum therefore only those that are committed to adoption will be invited to interact.  

If you are hoping to meet the dogs prior to placing a deposit, I ask that ONLY those that are genuinely serious about adoption and have reviewed our prices and deposits information arrange a visit.  I receive a very large amount of visitation enquiries, I simply can not possibly entertain them all.  Please have an idea of what our prices are and what our terms of deposit include prior to arranging a visit.

If you have already lined up a puppy from a different breeder (too far away for convenient travel) but are hoping to learn more about the breed and meet some mini aussies prior to commitment, please be respectful of my time and arrange a visit with the breeder from whom you are purchasing from.

Visitations are meant to be informative, so please ask as many questions as you may have.  I do have a very busy schedule however, so ask that visitations remain under 30 minutes.  

If you have children, our trampoline, horse/cow pen and chicken house are OFF LIMITS for safety reasons.  

Thank you for understanding, I just want to stream line visits to allow as many genuinely interested adoptive families as possible have the opportunity of a visit.