Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 




Boarding Services 

BOARDING...A speciality service provided by Cherese and Kelsen!  We are limiting our services to only 2 families (or 4 dogs) at a time to enable us to provide the best possible 1 on 1 care and attention.

One day = overnight up to 24 hours.  Our boarding charges are $35 per day for 1-7 days, or $30 per day for 8 or more days.  For those families with more than 1 Ravine Acres dogs, each additional dog is $18 per day for the duration of the stay.  This includes food (if your dog is on a flexible diet...I feed a variety of very good quality food), interactive playtime with the other dogs (we of course ensure everyone is getting along ok).  Unfortunately due to a number of very difficult dogs recently, we now limit our services only to dogs that are well mannered and polite, kennel trained and get along well in a group setting (along with my dogs).  Also for their own safety (and my sanity), I ask that they have a relatively good recall.  No excessive barkers.  

It gets far too chaotic to have dogs here for boarding if they do not get along with others, or like to pick fights with others, it is simply unfair to the others.  If in the event that the dog causes issues (examples...excessive or non stop barking, challenging or trying to beat up other dogs, constantly trying to run away, etc) our daily charge will be increased to $35/day as I will have to individually walk them and house them apart from the rest.  If your dog requires a muzzle to prevent barking, please provide one.  

If your dog is a full time indoor dog, he/she will spend her day in the house with us when we are in (if they get along with the other dogs).  If we are outdoors, they will come with us unless too chilly.  They will spend night time in our (heated) garage in kennel (as do our indoor dogs, each has his/her own kennel and comfort area).