Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Penny is a gentle, mild mannered, loving, VERY loyal girl.  She is a little bit shy, not due to fault of her own as she was not socialized adequately as a small puppy, I purchased her from a breeder that just didn't socialize her enough.  We have been lucky to have Penny in our family for almost 7 years now, she has come around tremendously.  She absolutely dotes over me, every time we go for a walk, I look down and see her smiling face, just like featured to the left.  I am her emotional support human.  

Penny LOVES running with the quad through the field and adventures at the lake.  She jumped into the water to take a swim the very first trip down!  She loves road trips, loves camping...and just loves being with me.

Penny is a very neutral dog.  Never one to pick a fight, and when a fight does break out between the girls, she quickly exits the area as she just does not like action like that.  She is not a submissive push over dog, so will stand up for herself when pushed, however never ever creates havoc nor draws attention to herself to get into trouble.  It is a very nice personality attribute for those that have more than 1 dog, when there is a dominant personality trouble seems to arise.

Penny gets along with most all of our dogs, her favourite playtime partners are Zipper (her daughter), Rojelio, Echo, Blue and Kapoochin. 

Penny LOVES LOVES LOVES puppies, she jumps into the puppy playpen and takes on a nanny role now and then.  She smiles at them when they play with her tail and look for a nipple.  I think they give her a confidence boost, she genuinely smiles when she is around puppies.

Penny is the most easy going, quiet, gentle natured dog, very devoted to me, very loving.   Featured below to the left is Penny and her daughter (whom is fully grown in the photo), Zipper.  Penny will throw XXL maturity puppies...and XXS in the same litter.  She presents us with a 'variety' pack.