Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





This sweet and loyal lady here is Pebbles.  She is one of the most devoted and intelligent girls that we have had the pleasure of raising and including into our everyday lives.  

Pebbles is lucky enough to share a fantastic life with Cherese on Vancouver Island, fulfilling her dog dreams of daily hikes and regular adventures. Pebbles is a very smart girl, and absolutely loves to engage and be with her people.  She loves to accompany us on hikes and thoroughly enjoys car rides as they always lead to someplace fun with new dog friends and lots of attention from new people.  

As a very athletic girl, she is game to whatever challenge we give her, including some amatuer cattle herding when I need to bring my cows up.  Pebbles is always my right hand lady and loves to make sure the cows go where I need them to.  Along with cattle moving Pebbles joins me on many of my horse rides, she always leads the way showing my horse and I where to turn on the trails as she has mastered all of the great routes. 

No matter where or what I may be up to Pebbles is always close by and there if I need her. Pebbles is very intuitive and sensitive to the emotions of the people around her, she acts as the perfect therapy dog without even being prompted.  She knows when to be calm and help her people as well as when to be feisty and go on long runs.  A very happy girl with some amazingly intuitive, grounding abilities!

Pebbles has the sweetest look of absolute unconditional love everytime you look down at her, she is always there to love her person and strives to be a good girl.   She is about 17" tall and 28 lbs.  Paired with the males we have in the breeding program pebbles will produce pups from 13-18"? at the shoulder, however a majority will fall in the 14.5-17"? size range.

Running on the rocks at the beach is #1.  Pebbles LOVES exploring.

Pebbles is superbly patient...with all sorts of creatures.

Pebs is always looking for the next fun spot.  

On yet another mountain hike adventure.  Pebs loves to smile!

Pebs has been my sidekick since she was a wee baby.

Hanging out with Chile, enjoying the sunshine.

Maybe...the squirrel wants to play?

Pebs fits perfectly into the kayak for our water adventures.

Pebbles LOVES the beach.  Above she is enjoying running in the sand and waves at Tofino.