Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 




Panda Bear

I don't think Panda realizes she is a dog, sure she thinks she is one of us people.

Panda is tremendously loving.  She belongs to my son, Kelsen.  He makes sure she gets love, cuddles, tickles and will even try to milk her when she has puppies.  That does sound wrong, we give him heck as you should not milk your dog.  I guess he is only 12 and is sort of goofy.

Panda goes everywhere with Kelsen.  She is his sidekick, puts up with everything that he puts her through.  A truly childproof dog.  Her signature trick is the stroller ride.  You call her name and pat the seat.  She promptly jumps into the seat and waits for the ride, no seat belt required.  Also will ride on the quad, horse and sled in the winter.  

When boys get bored, they go onto Photo Booth and take a million pictures with their dog.  The result is twin Pandas.  Panda's with 2 heads.  3 noses.  16 legs.  Panda Bear in outer space.  Truly amusing family time for a boy and his dog.

She is a wiggly, friendly dog, but protective at the same time.  She will not allow anyone near her boy without making a fuss.  His guardian.  They also sleep together, he will position her head on the pillow, facing one another.  She will shower him with kisses and pats him with her paw if she feels she requires more cuddles.