Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Nacho is a very innocent, gentle hearted, loving and cuddly guy.  He is difficult to reprimand as he takes it to heart and gets offended easily if you hurt his little feelings (or feeling...I am not quite sure if he has multiple feelings, or just one big hurt feeling at times).  He tries so very hard to offer you love.  If you are not pleased, he tries harder.  

He really loves adventure and travelling to reach the next adventure.  He is dead silent on the entire journey and SO EAGER to adventure as soon as we stop.  After a brief adventure he is very willing and eager to get back into the car for the next stop.

Nacho is a devoted adventure companion that doesn't require a leash, he is stuck at my heels at all times.  His favourite adventures are road trips to the mountains for camping, or to the West Coast.  He truly LOVES travelling and camping.  He just wants to be part of your action, he wants to please...and he wants to show you how wonderful he really is. 

Although he gets along well with pretty much everyone, his favourite dog companions for some reason are the old lady dogs, Smidget and Panda.  It is a little bit sad as the old girls just don't appreciate him with the same love and affection that he gives them.  He tries exceedingly hard to win them over with kisses and affection.  Smidget and Panda just get grouchy and bite him in the face.  Very disrespectful.  Nacho just doesn't give up though.  He's sure that someday he will win the old ladies over.

Nacho is 15.25" tall and currently 25lbs.  I suspect he will grow a tad bit more...and likely top out at around 15.75"? and 30 lbs.  

Above...Nacho is posing in the sunshine

Nacho loves adventure.  Checking out the stinky seaweed.  

Posing for a group photo with the adventure gang.  Nacho is a little offended that Chile is hogging my lap.  Everyone knows how to pose.  Nacho has not quite figured that out yet.

Nacho is very difficult to take good photos of, he just doesn't pose.  This one catches his natural look.