Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Kapoochin is a very devoted little dog, she LOVES me to no end.  If you find her out and about, guaranteed I am around the corner, she will not stray too far.

Kapoochin is a small lady, but full of energy and can keep up with the big girls no problem.  She is not hyper or over-active, however has the physical ability to keep up on a 10km quad ride, up hills, down hills, through streams and winding mountain paths.  She LOVES adventure, if I am involved.

Kapoochin is one of our house dogs, since she is so strongly bonded to me, she gets rather depressed if kept with everyone else.  She is a very smart girl, for some reason she thinks she is better than the others.  Perhaps she thinks she is human and they are just merely dogs.  

She is a tremendous mommy dog, she loves babies and playing with her little ones.  She has only had a couple of litters, but throughly enjoyed her mommy role for each one.

She is about 12" tall and 10 lbs.  She will however potentially produce very large maturity puppies as her mom was a very large mini.  She gets along with every single dog that we have, loves to play and interact.

One of her favorite activities is catch, she very much enjoys bouncing around like a little deer while hopping after her toy.