Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 




Is a little aussie right for you?

*Are you looking for a smart and dedicated canine companion?
*Do you want a dog that will enjoy your companionship 12-15 years?
*Do you want a dog that can excel in any direction you take them?  They can be a fun loving family pet, enjoy competitions such as flyball, disc, agility, become an amazing companion service dog, the list goes on and on!

*Are you able to be the 'alpha' with your dog companion? 

Miniature Australian Shepherds are a protective, smart and sensitive dog.  They love their family endlessly, will do what they can to ensure your happiness.  They LOVE to please.  They are very dedicated to their family, stick close to their pack (human family), if well socialized will not require a leash when going for adventures.  They just like to be with you.

They don't shed like the average dog, they 'blow their coat' every 6-18 months, which means you will experience above average hair loss as all of the old dead hair will come out, a new fresh coat appears.  It is not really seasonal, more of a hormonal thing.  I have had them blow their coat in the middle of winter. 

Between the time that they blow their coat, you will have very minimal hair loss.  If you have never ending shed, you just have to get the dead fur out, a good grooming with a shed-ending grooming tool.  The only area really needing regular grooming is behind the ears, and occasionally the skirt.

Since aussies are very dedicated and enjoy being with their people, they do best with families that can give them lots of their time.  If you spend a lot of time away working (dog stays home), he/she will become naughty and at times distructive.  They are the most fantastic partners for those that have a flexible working schedule or work part (or all) of their time from their home. 


I do not recommend the breed to those that are not able to assert their dominance as the 'alpha'.  An aussie will look up to his/her master for guidance, try to please and wants to be kept in line.  They will have difficulty respecting those that are not very firm.  Like my human children, I have an expectation of my dogs.  They must be polite, obedient and respectful.  My dogs know I expect this, they don't question me, and I don't have to reprimand them.  If you have a very soft personality and have a tendency to let your dog run the household, this is not the right breed choice for you. 

Now, many people are unable or don't want to work from home.  Are you able to include a pup/dog in your workplace?

I have had many of my puppies go to families that are able to take them into their workplace.  Hospital or seniors homes companions (owner works there), elementary & junior high school (owners work there), SPCA (owner works there), on the road with their owner if he/she is a courier or truck driver.  A good number have went on to be titled 'service dogs', enabling their people to take them where ever/when ever they want.

To sum things up, if you want a dog with the attributes of a miniature australian shepherd, and have the lifestye that will give them a lifestyle suited for them, these guys are a perfect fit!

~Copyright, Written by Racene Eidick as a training or informational aid for the people that purchase our puppies.  Please be respectful and contact me if you wish to reproduce in any way.