Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Ice is a goof ball.  She is the sweetest, most gentle of the bigger dogs that we have.  She LOVES playing...gently with her best friend Kapoochin.  Ice is big enough that Kapoochin runs right underneath her belly.  She plays in slow motion so as to not hurt her play partner.  Kapoochin thinks Ice is her personal play thing, they are inseparable.

Ice would love to crawl into my shirt I think.  She loves me to no end.  Exceedingly hard to photograph as she is always trying to stick her nose into the camera.  

Very athletic, she runs like a little deer.  She very much enjoys running down to the lake with the quad and other dogs.  Is more of an outdoor dog with everyone else during the day, as we are usually outside more than we are indoors, but loves having special time with me in the house, she is a very well mannered and polite girl while inside.   A little hard to get any work done on the laptop while she is inside as she enjoys laying her head on the keyboard and giving me loving gazes.  It gets rather annoying, but makes me smile at the same time.