Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





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Echo is a very cheerful happy dog. She is really a big goofball.  She LOVES being with you.  Loves showing you how much she can love you.  And enjoys making you smile.  She is a very universal dog, she loves everyone equally.  She is one gal that does not discriminate and enjoys attention from both men and women.  Very well rounded, easy going and polite.  She just really loves to be with you.  She loves to please.

Echo LOVES playtime with her canine companions.  She is very engaging and appreciates most everyone else.  Never engages in a fight, she is rather neutral.  

Echo has a very loving, easy going personality, it gives her pleasure to show you how much she can love you.  She rarely barks, but gets a little vocal when I let everyone out of kennel in the morning, I think this was a learned behavior that she picked up from a dog that we were kenneling, she makes an awful squeaky noise.  If I remind her that she sounds disrespectful she will tone it down and relaxes immediately.

She produces loving, interactive, gentle puppies, her loving kind personality is a trait that she often gives to her offspring.

Above is Echo fashioning her Christmas Reindeer antlers.  Not impressed.

Above...out for a summer walk adventure in the pasture.

Above is Echo lounging around with her doggy family.  They enjoy making my kitchen look like a fur rug.

Above Echo entertaining her little sister, Blueberry.  

Above...wanting to be part of the action.  We were worried that we would run her feet over with the skates, she kept getting so close!

Above Echo is hanging out with her pal, Zipper.  Goofy little girls.