Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 




Dog Boarding

It is hard to get away when you have a dog (or dogs) that are a large part of your family.  Finding the right boarding facility or person to care for your family member can be a bit of a challenge.

For those that are located in the Edmonton area...

A highly recommended boarding facility for your consideration is Critter Keepers Pet Resort, run by a friend of ours, Darlene Young.  She is very knowledgeable about the Miniature Australian Shepherd breed as she owns 2 Ravine Acres dogs.  Her facility is very clean and professional, we were very confident to leave our dogs in her care while we were gone.  Due to Covid we have not had the opportunity to socialize 2 of the younger girls that we left in Darlene's care, it was very apparent that they had a great time while we were gone.  

Please click on the link below to check out her website and be confident that your pet will be well cared for while you are away.