Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 







Deposits are $400 and applied to the final amount owing when the pup is ready to go.  Deposits are required to secure a spot on the waiting list or to pick a particular puppy.   This allows me to dedicate as much time as possible to my adoptive families that are genuinely serious about adoption.

Deposits are accepted via personal cheque, e-transfer or cash in person.  

Purchase price of pup will be the advertised price upon projected take home date. I will honor the advertised purchase price for up to 1 year of the projected adoption.  For example: you place a deposit in January for a puppy to be ready to take home in June, your price will be reflected upon the advertised price when you gave us the deposit, however you will get 1 year from the June projected take home date, not from the deposit date.  If your projected pick up time exceeds 1 year, purchase price will be determined upon the current pricing table in effect.

Deposits are non-refundable.  This assures me only the families that have done their research into the breed and are fully ready for a new family member apply.  If you have a color flexible deposit request and place a deposit for an upcoming litter in accordance to sex/color/size, I ask that I have 8 months to fill the request as I don't want to just place a dog with you, I want to ensure we have the right fit with not only color and size, but personality!  If you have a specific time frame in which you prefer to take your pup home, we will accept deposits only if you are flexible with colour.  We will produce all colors that an aussie comes in, however have no control over what we end up with in a litter.  

If you are VERY particular regarding size/sex/color (example...toy sized blue merle girl, 1 blue eye, 1 brown eye), we ask for up to 12 months.  We have litters born throughout the year, it is very likely that your request will be filled with in several months (or with the next upcoming litter), however we can not 100% predict what nature has in store for us.  Please understand this.

Specific due dates are not 100% accurate!  If a dog is listed as being due on a particular date, you have your deposit down with that date in mind, PLEASE keep in mind that just like any other creature, they can be early...or late.   

The only puppies that will be placed at birth will be those that have reserved a pup with a docked tail.  If a docked tail is desired, I will not know what color their eyes will be, personality will be like or their final maturity size will be like.  The breed is very hard to determine to any great degree of accuracy prior to 6 weeks of age, however tails need to be docked at 2 days of age.  

Once puppies are born, we will be waiting until the puppies are 5-6 weeks old prior to potentially fitting puppies with their prospective families.  We will not know potential maturity size, as well, it is REALLY hard to tell maturity eye color in a younger pup.  They are all born with blue eyes.  Some will show permanent blue eyes at 3 weeks of age.  Some don't start changing until they reach the 5+ week mark.  Some take a little longer (8? weeks).  Many times people give us deposits 'pending' eye color and/or have a maturity size preference (some housing boards require the pup to be under a certain height).  Once we have figured out where each puppy is heading in color/personality/size, I will start letting families know, will supply a personality profile and photos of the pup(s) that I feel fit the criteria best.  

We will be taking weekly photos of all puppies from birth.  Once we have an idea of who is best fitted to what family, we can forward a compilation of photos from birth on, to get you updated on what has progressed thus far. Once you have your pup picked out, we will try to keep you updated every 10 days to 2 weeks or so, photos will accompany the update.  We will not be sending puppy photos until I have a good idea of what puppies would fit int your adoptive criteria best, I find that it overwhelms people, making the puppy selection much more complicated than it really should be.  

Once you have your pup picked out, this pup will be marked as 'sold' and we will not be offering it to anyone else.  If you change your mind or your circumstances change, we offer to move the deposit to the next available litter up to the age of 6 weeks.  If the pup is older than 6 weeks, we will honor half of the deposit ($200 of the $400) towards the next litter.  Being that we have already reserved that particular puppy for you, we are counting on you to adopt that particular pup.  Of course we will find a fantastic home for the pup that you had reserved, however when the puppy is reserved for a family, I will turn away potential fantastic adoptive families due to the fact that it has a home lined up.  It just creates more work for us as we now have to find the right spot for that pup with in just a couple of weeks.  

At birth we will give you a tentative date for potential pick up.  We reserve the right to keep the puppy a bit longer if we feel it is in his best interest.  We spend a LOT of time with the pups, know when each individual is not only mentally but also physically ready for their new adventure.  We just want my pups to get the best start possible, everyone is happier that way!