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Co-Own Information

Co-Own information

Prerequisite for co-ownership eligibility...
-this opportunity is open to those that already own one of our dogs, or have close friends/family members that own one of our dogs.
-We prefer co-own situations to be located with in 1 hour (give or take a bit) from Edmonton as I will be picking up or dropping the dog off when needed for breeding/whelping.  If you are a little bit further away, it is still a possibility, however we ask that you are able to pick up/drop off (or meet up), as we are unable to travel much further out of the 1 hour perimeter (due to time constraints mostly).
-Upcoming co-own options are now extended to Vancouver (if you are able to bring your dog to Vancouver Island when they are ready for breeding) or Vancouver Island.
-Adoption price is due up front however Ravine Acres will give a 100% reimbursement of the purchase price of the co-own upon completion of the co-own agreement.  

We will place the pup into a family home situation with initial refundable deposit of the cost of the puppy to the family, in exchange for the opportunity to raise 2 litters of puppies with the dog when she comes of age.  When the dog produces puppies, the full cost will be reimbursed back.

If in the situation both co-own family and Ravine Acres are interested in raising an additional litter after the co-own obligation has been met, this is something that can be discussed at a further date, financial compensation will be made for such a transaction.

Once her litter obligation has been completed, we will pay for the spay, any vet costs associated with pregnancy & puppies.  All co-own dogs will have their first and second set of vaccinations, as well as kennel cough vaccine prior to going home with their new family.  After co-own obligation of raising pups has been met, the full deposit is also refunded.  

All co-own families are responsible for the puppies' third set of vaccines and rabies shots, any licensing that is required by your location, puppy and all training classes that you participate in, and all health costs that are not directly related to pregnancy/raising puppies (emergency vet visits).  

Co-own mom needs to come back here when she gets close to whelping (4-6 days prior to the due date).  All puppies will be born here as we are experienced and know what to watch for.  Mom is welcome to stay here until the she has weaned her puppies (usually about 5 weeks of age), however in the event the co-own family is interested in participating in puppy rearing, mom and puppies are welcome to go back to their co-own home (once puppies are 3-4 days old).  We will supply puppy food once the pups start eating.  At 5 weeks of age, puppies will come to our home (unless you are keeping one).  This will give us time to help imprint the puppy with other stimuli, activities and multiple dogs.

How this benefits co-own families:
-This will give an opportunity to own a health tested, well bred Miniature Australian Shepherd for a very low cost (our dogs will range from $3000-$4500 with cost of additional health testing, spay once litter obligation has been completed).  If at any time if there is a change of heart, the co-own family may opt for outright purchasing of their co-own dog, purchase price will be the price as per outlined in our puppy price guideline.
-Co-Own families will not be responsible for required vaccinations of pup (can run in excess of $200-$300).
-Co-Own families will be given the opportunity to experience enjoyment of new puppies in their own home (without actually having to deal with them when they are older).  Especially for families with young children, this is a fun learning opportunity.  

How this Benefits Ravine Acres:
-This gives us the opportunity to retain certain dogs with desired genetics back for our breeding program without having to keep more dogs here at our kennel.  This gives each dog 1 on 1 love and attention, enables us to devote more quality time with the our current resident dogs.  We currently have many dogs that are nearing retirement, we don't feel that it is fair for them to need to leave our farm just because they are retired, they are our pets and this is their home.  At the same time, we do not want to keep any more dogs here as they need 1 on 1 love and attention, impossible to dedicate the level of affection that they require if we keep any more.  Just not fair to the dogs.  This is not a breed that does well kept in kennel for lengthy periods of time, they NEED their people and interaction to be happy.  We take pride in the level of socialization and affection we are able to provide our dogs, would like to continue for the mental well being of all of the dogs.

The family does not get financially compensated by this agreement, however does benefit by not having to pay outright for their dog, vaccinations, and spay surgery ($3000-$4500) when all added up.  If the co-own family wishes to keep one of the puppies for themselves or immediate family, we offer a companion pup for a greatly reduced discount (30% off of the pup's purchase price as per the price guideline).

We ask that all co-own dogs are socialized with us previously to breeding, so if you are going on vacation or would like to leave the dog here for the afternoon a couple of times, we welcome her as it will make her feel much more comfortable when she is about to whelp.