Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





To the left is Chile.

Chile LOVES adventures.  He loves his people and loves just being part of the action.  He is very grateful when he receives a touch, he will trot around with me to remind me that he would like to be touched or picked up.  When it is time to pet him, he walks over to you and kicks you in the leg.  If you ignore his cue, he will kick you again.  It is pretty goofy to witness.

Chile gets along with most of the dogs.  He loves the cats.  He really loves the cats.  Maybe because he is not much bigger than they are.  He seeks out the cats and engages in playtime quite regularly.  It is rather cute to watch a small dog and large cat play.  They communicate tremendously well.

Chile is a tiny lad, weighing only 8lbs and standing about 11" tall, he however does not let his small stature limit his activities.  He is always one of the first on the trail when it is time for an adventure.  He loves and appreciates every step of the way, throughly enjoying his adventure and new sights/smells along the way.

He has the most excellent recall of any of our dogs...just call his name, he is by your side in an instant.  Like most dogs, his listening skills do however tend to waver somewhat when he really gets involved in fun shenanigans with the rest of the dogs.  Just like little kids, they forget how to listen occasionally.

Chile LOVES car rides. He is a perfect traveller that will not complain if he needs to spend 14+ hours in a kennel while on our journeys.  Of course we do stop for a potty break every couple of hours, he is just always happy when we do.  

Chile produces puppies from super tiny (8.5" tall) to XXL (18.5" tall) puppies.  Because most of the females that he is mated to tend to be in the 18" range, most of his puppies thus far have matured to be around 14.5-16.5"? at maturity.  

Chile is available for outside mating services (AI breeding only) for approved females, his stud fees are $2000 and include the AI breeding.

Chile has an excellent OFA score for his hips, elbows and patella.  He is genetically clear on all accounts on the genetic disease testing panel.

Above, Chile on an adventure at the ocean

Above, Chile and his little friend Jiblet out adventuring.


Always a team player, Chile endures pretty much anything I make him do.  He is just happy to spend time with me.

Chile and Jiblet love keeping my kitchen floor warm.  Always right with us.

Above...Chile and one of his best pals, Mouse.  They love playing and hanging out.  They are a great team.