Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Featured to the left and below is Button.  Button is a beauty.  She is a very calm, loving, supremely intuitive and gentle lady.  

Button is one of our co-own dogs, she resides with good friends nearby our Edmonton kennel.  She is a very well behaved girl that loves to please.  She also loves interacting with the other dogs and a wide variety of people visitors, she is very universal and well grounded.

Button is 16" tall.   She is a 4th generation Ravine Acres dog, her parent dogs are Azura and Bubbalouie, that are under 'retired' in the 'our dogs' section.

Button LOVES adventures, camping and just giving as much love as she can.  She loves running with the quad, just like all of the other Ravine Acres dogs.  She is so loving and devoted to her people.

Button has a tendency to throw her quiet, devoted and loving, loyal demeanor on to her puppies.  She produces very grounded, well mannered and polite puppies.  She has potential to throw successful therapy personality puppies.  Her puppies will range in size from 12-16"? at maturity.