Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Buddy is a gentle, sweet, loving and very kind little boy.  He looks huge, is very deceiving as he has a massive fur coat.  He actually has a wee Buddy body under all of that fur!

He is athletic, energetic, won't let me go on an adventure to the lake without him.  Likes hikes into the ravine and running with the quad.

Buddy is extremely well behaved.  The most amazing recall, he hears his name...zoom, over he runs.  I can open the kennel door, 'in Buddy' and zip, he goes in.  Open it, 'out Buddy', zap, he goes out.  We make a silly game in our garage with night time crates (overnight kennels).  I open the door, he will run in and see how fast he can get himself into bed.  The crate could be a fraction of his size, but he will fit his bigger body into a puppy sized crate, his whole bum sticks out, but as long as his head fits in, he thinks he has a good fit.  We goof around, tell him to get into the crate, out of the crate, it is like magic, he will oblige every time.  And loves every moment of the game too!

Buddy taught himself to 'sit pretty'  which is always a hit when people come out to meet him.  He is very demanding of love, just wants to be with you, likes cuddles and pettings.  He has a a very strong tendency to throw his gentle demeanor and fun loving, fantastic personality on to his puppies.  We have a joke, he clones himself.  A good friend met some of his adult children doggies at 'Pets In The Park' in Edmonton, she knew just by the way they wiggled and their body build that they were Buddy clones.