Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Pictured to the left is our handsome little Bubbalouie.  He is a gentle and polite little lad, loves playing with his buddies Zipper, Rojelio, Pebbles and Blueberry.  He actually gets along fairly well with everyone, I think his best buddy is Rojelio though, they are in love.  They do have disagreements when the girls are in heat, however fall right back into love when the girls don't smell nice anymore.

Bubbalouie is a lazy lazy lazy little dog.  As you can see in most of the photos that I have posted of him, he loves laying around.  He LOVES cuddling.  He is very loving and so very compliant.  That being said, Bubbalouie does love a good brisk quad ride, he REALLY enjoys chasing the cows (does not really herd them, just gives them a work out).  Some of his other interests are running with the quad (he can sure keep up...it makes up for him being so lazy in the house), and receiving attention.  He LOVES 1 on 1 attention.

Bubbalouie has tremendous puppies, he throws very easily trainable, loving, devoted puppies, just like him.  LOTS of colour, they are flashy.  Personality A+++  His stud services are also available for outside breedings, click on his photo to learn more about his services.  

Bubba hanging out in our living room.  He is a very polite boy.

I think I just reprimanded him for not listening...he is giving me the 'look'

Bubba enjoying a mountain walk, he loves outdoor adventures.

Bubba and Rojelio.  These boys LOVE each other.  Truly best of friends.

Bubba is not really a big guy, he is a polite size to pick up and tote around

Another lazy moment...Bubba is so lazy when he is indoors.

I think Rojelio is enjoying his ear wash above...

Above...another lazy moment with his friend Blueberry.

And...more lazy shots.  Bubba LOVES and is very enthusiastic running, biking, quading, throughly enjoys camping and any camping hike adventures that we offer him.  He also equally loves being lazy and getting attention.  Above he is about 9-10 months old.  He has always been lazy!