Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Blueberry (Blue) is a very gentle, loving, kind soul.  She belongs to my son Kelsen, she is a very polite girl that tries very VERY hard to please.  She is one of the first to listen when I call her name, she comes immediately back to the yard.  SUPERB recall.  Very loving, very devoted.

Blueberry loves attention.  Almost too much at times, she does get a little pushy for extra cuddles.  She LOVES playtime with her doggo friends, a very polite interactive girl.  She has a very quirky personality, a little smarter than most at times.  If I upset her she will tell me off.  She runs up to me and starts making all sorts of weird squeak and woof noises, and she makes sure that she gets the point across to me.  It makes me laugh at her persistence.  

Although Blue is very athletic and active outdoors, as you can see in the photos, she is the LAZIEST most laid back, lazy dog in the house.  She never ever was formerly 'house trained', she never ever actually ever made a mess in the house and somehow instinctively knows that you potty outdoors.  When she comes inside, she turns into a 'gentle' dog.  Her favourite spot is on top of my feet by the kitchen sink or under our kitchen table.  Not really sleeping, just hanging out and lounging.

Blue and her pal Bubbalouie, their most favourite thing to do while watching me work.

Blue LOVES keeping my floor mat warm by my kitchen sink. She is about 10 months old in the above photo.

Above Blueberry is about 12 weeks old.  We are very avid outdoors type people, Blueberry makes a point of just following me where ever I happen to go.  She is truly a velcro dog.  Very loyal and eager to please.