Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





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Azura LOVES swimming and quadding.  She is one that will jump into the lake willingly, swims leisurely around in circles while dipping her head under water.  Sometimes she will come up with seaweeds drooping off of her face, it is pretty funny.  She likes to race alongside the quad, will pass me @ 60 kph. 


Even though she is very active, she is just as happy hanging out with you on the couch. 

 Azura has an exceedingly intense, willing personality, it gives her pleasure to show you how much she can please you.  She is a velcro dog.  When I am outside, she is beside me.  If I stop, she stands just gazing at me.  She is one of the 'greeters', when people come over, she will sit contently beside them...just waiting for some affection.  Doesn't bark (unless someone comes into the yard), very content, very devoted.  She is calculating and smart, reads your body language and tries her hardest to show you how willing and clever she is.  

Azura is also one of our therapy dog mom's.  She produces an exceedingly willing to learn, trainable, devoted personality on to her puppies.  

Above...Azura waiting patiently for a petting...she really loves me.

Above...Azura's favorite spot in the kitchen.  

Above...Azura as a teenager, maybe 5 months old.

Above...Azura enjoying the sunshine and a run in the pasture.

Above...Azura enjoys funny leisure spots.  Like a shopping basket.

Above...Azura in her fittest form.  She loves running with the quad.

Above...Azura at about 5 weeks of age.  

Above...Azura about 14 weeks of age.