Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 





Due to the overwhelming amount of enquiries, I can not 'hold' a puppy without a deposit, nor do I have a 'waiting list' as most all of my pups are sold with pre-deposits.  Please scroll down for more information on adoptions...if you have any questions after going through our adoptions information, please feel free contact us directly to discuss the possibility of a deposit.

We will have availabilities for our spring  litters, enquire for details.

LET ME HELP YOU CHOOSE YOUR NEXT FAMILY MEMBER  I spend hours and countless hours with my puppies.  I know their personalities, individual quirks and family requirements.  Although most of our puppies will meld to the family that adopts them, occasionally some of our puppies will require a specific type of family to meet their mental, physical or emotional requirements.  If I try to direct you to a different puppy, I am doing so in attempt to properly fit you to your pet, I am not trying to just sell a puppy.  If I feel you are not the right personality for the breed, or particular puppy, I will let you know!   

Scroll down to learn more about our deposit policy.

Above video is Naranjito the nanny in action. 

Naranjito LOVES the puppies.  He grooms them, plays with them and cleans their bums.  They love the fact that he has a long swishy playful tail.  It is nice to bat and nibble on.
Biggest perk of his job is the extra yummy puppy food he gets to sample during the playdate.  He steals their food...and playtime commences immediately.   
Cat and puppy are not available...just featured for the video.

Love, cuddles, kisses and socialization are all important building blocks to a smart, confident, trainable and loving puppy.  

If a pup does not get the love and attention it needs prior to the 12 week of age mark, they close a door so to speak, making it exceedingly difficult for sometimes normal day to day doggy activities.  They can become much more hesitant when new situations are presented to them, sometimes unable to cope.  The wider the range of love and exposure as a young pup, the better for their overall long term well being.

We like to keep our puppies here until they are mentally mature enough to venture out...usually not till 8 weeks of age.  Optimum we find is around 9 weeks, some ready sooner, some take a little longer.  We are willing to keep your puppy until he is 10-11 weeks old, however some pups do require more 1 on 1 a little prior to that to prevent a naughty puppy!  All puppies must be picked up by 11 weeks of age (unless previously discussed with us well in advance to the 11 week mark).  At 12 weeks your pup will require your 1 on 1 discipline, love and structure.  

All of our parent dogs receive a CERF eye exam, by a certified ophthalmologist yearly.  

We test genetically for the following diseases: CH, CEA, CD, DM, HC, JC, HUU, MDR1, CMR1, NCL, NCL6, PRA-PRCD.    Check out Paw Print Genetics for more details on genetic disease testing and why breeders should be doing genetic testing.  All of our dogs are genetically tested and clear for all genetically passed on eye diseases.  I 100% guarantee that all of our puppies will be clean for all genetic eye testing.

Our dogs have also had their hips and elbows x-rayed by our veterinarian to ensure good placement, if a candidate scores less than favourable, they will not be part of our breeding program.  

Our puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age.  They will have received their 1st (and 2nd set of vaccinations if old enough).  They will also have been given kennel cough vaccine will be microchipped.  Health documentation regarding vaccinations and deworming will accompany your pup.  

At 4-5 weeks of age, your pup will be introduced to the  outdoors (weather permitting), playdates at grandmas, learn how to go up and down stairs, hang out in our kitchen, or adventures to the neighbours.  Your pup will be exposed to a wide variety of stimuli along the way, indoor and outdoor activities.  He will be paper trained and shown proper potty manners (by all means not yet house trained, this will of course take diligence and patience on behalf of the new family).  

At 7 weeks of age we start introduction to a travel crate, are kenneled daily for short periods to help with their transition to their new home.  By 8 weeks old, they are relatively comfortable with the 'crate' process, lessening their transitional stress.
'pet' or therapy dog prices without full registration:

If we are experiencing a higher than normal amount of adoption requests, the prices will be on the higher end of the price range that is indicated.  If we are experiencing a lower than normal amount of enquiries, prices will reflect and be marked on the lower end.
black/red tri  $1700-1900, if blue eyed will be $150-$300 more as more customers are looking for blue eyes...and blue eyes in a tri coloured pup are not very common.  

Red merle $2200-$2500.  Blue merle $2400-$2800.  Like the tri's with extensive facial white/mis-marking, price may be lower than indicated.  Price increase is due to the fact that 90% of our requests are for blue merle pups, and only about 1/4 of pups born will be blue merle.  This way those that are not 100% set on a blue merle pup are encouraged to opt for a different colour, they are all equally as lovable, some just not quite as flashy as others.  If you are set on a blue merle, most are pre-sold via deposit, to avoid disappointment a deposit is recommended.

If the pup has more than normal white coloration, or solid black or red, price may be slightly lower than indicated above.  Once we have a deposit in place, prices will not exceed the guideline as outlined above

Breeding rights and full registration applications add $300 more in most cases, unless advertised differently.  
Prices subject to change with out notice.  Purchase price of pup will be the advertised price upon projected take home date.  IF your situation changes and you are unable to take the pup when initially planned upon, I will honour the advertised purchase price for up to 1 year of the projected adoption.  If your projected pick up time changes in excess to  1 year, purchase price will be determined upon the current pricing table in effect.  

*parent dogs are registered.  Puppies are not sold with registration applications unless the pup is sold with breeding rights.  

BONUS FOR SPORTING/TITLED THERAPY DOGS...I want to encourage more people to help their dog reach their full potential!  Our dogs have the quality and ability to excel in many sporting venues (fly ball, disc, agility, etc) or personality to become a titled therapy dog, show dog, actor/actress dog.  

If you have already purchased a pup from me, and you are just looking for a well rounded, wiggly, fun and friendly family member...and down the road interested in a partner...I will give $100 off the purchase of your next pup from me.  

Deposits..due to past neglect of the 'honour' system, I will not be able to promise anyone a spot on the waiting list, or a particular puppy without a deposit.  Deposits are $500 and applied to the final amount owing when the pup is ready to go.  Deposits are accepted via personal cheque, e-transfer or cash in person.

Deposits are non-refundable.  This assures me only the families that have done their research into the breed and are fully ready for a new family member apply.  If you place a deposit for an upcoming litter in accordance to sex/colour/size, I ask that I have 8 months to fill the request as I don't want to just place a dog with you, I want to ensure we have the right fit with not only colour and size, but personality!  If you have a specific time frame in which you prefer to take your pup home, we will accept deposits only if you are flexible with color.  We will produce all colors that an Australian Shepherd comes in, we however have no control over what we end up with in a particular litter.  
Great example...one litter of 10 puppies, all colour were potential (mom was a red tri, dad a blue merle).  She had 9 red merle girls and 1 red tri boy.  No black tri or blue merle, 90% girls.  Another example, mom was a black tri, dad blue merle.  She had 8 red tri boy puppies and 2 black tri girl puppies.  We have no control of what a litter will produce, just know what they potentially will produce.

If you are VERY particular regarding size/sex/colour (example...toy sized blue merle girl, 1 blue eye, 1 brown eye), we ask for up to 12 months.  We have litters born throughout the year, it is very likely that your request will be filled with in several months (or with the next upcoming litter), however we can not 100% predict what nature has in store for us.  Please understand this.

We will be taking weekly photos of all puppies from birth.  Once we have an idea of who is best fitted to what family, we can forward a compilation of photos from birth on, to get you updated on what has progressed thus far. Once you have your pup picked out, we will try to keep you updated every 10 days to 2 weeks or so, photos will accompany the update.  

We are VERY busy when the pups are growing, cleaning, playtime, neurological stimulation, cleaning...and playing.  We will set aside time for correspondence with each family, however are unable to reply to those that need updates 3 or 4 times per week.  We do apologize in advance.  We understand that without a doubt, an excessive amount of emails are often times sent due to the fact that the adoptive family is very excited and eager to learn more about their puppy.  We however find it quite overwhelming as it often takes away time that we need to be spending with the puppies...and sending updates to other families.  We would like to offer the same amount of attention to each adoptive family.

There will be periods of time that the pup will not significantly change, if there are no changes...there is nothing to updated.  Puppy photos are at times very difficult to take as they tend to move so much! 

Visits to your puppy...we welcome families out to meet/visit their puppy as he/she grows & matures, however due to many visitation requests, we offer 1 visit per family.  It gets far too busy if everyone is wanting to visit more frequently.  At these visits feel free to play with your pup, ask questions, get prepared.  Because of my busy schedule, I must limit visits to up to 30 minutes per visit (give or take a bit...if you have good questions that you are needing answering, absolutely, stay longer!)

At birth we will give you a tentative date for potential pick up.  We reserve the right to keep the puppy a bit longer if we feel it is in his best interest.  We spend a LOT of time with the pups, know when each individual is not only mentally but also physically ready for their new adventure.  We just want my pups to get the best start possible, everyone is happier that way!