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  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 




Ravine Acres Mini & Toy Australian Shepherds

May 19th, 2022

Check out our 'available' pages, we have some wonderful upcoming babies that are ready to go any time now!  These puppies are currently located at our Vancouver Island kennel, however free delivery between the island and Edmonton AB in about a week can be arranged.  

We will be working on outdoor potty training, kennel training and basic commands training.  All of our puppies are personality profiled to ensure we have a match for adoption.  Due to the current weather, people have been wanting to hold off for spring/summer puppies...however these guys are ready now.  They are durable and have had a lot of outdoor exposure to help make potty training easy and successful for their new families.

Ravine Acres was established in 2007, when you adopt from us, you are adopting from an experienced and knowledgeable establishment with quality health tested genetics.  Many of our puppies will be 5th or 6th generation Ravine Acres dogs, we choose only quality temperament and genetics in our breeding program.

If you are interested in adoption information, some information that I will need from you:

-Your name and location

-your schedule and ideal take home time frame (if you wish to place a deposit for a future litter)

-Your ideal personality and activity level in a puppy

-Your preferred maturity size for a dog

-Your preferred color (if any) 

-Your living dynamics like how many children you have, work dynamics (how long will you be needing to leave a pet at home alone).

CONTACT US: ravineacres@gmail.com. 

Our telephone contact information will be shared privately with all adoptive families.

We are passionate about matching the right activity partner with each adoptive family.  


Vancouver Island kennel
Cherese has been helping with the dogs since she was very young.  She was homeschooled, and spent countless hours with the dogs as the kennel is our full time business.  She is amazing at what she does and is now running her own kennel at her new location on Vancouver Island.  Cherese offers the same expertise, guidance and lifetime support guarantee that all of our Ravine Acres puppies come with.


Edmonton Kennel
Racene started Ravine Acres in 2007.  At first she had intended it to be a fun, hobby kennel however it quickly grew into a full time business.  She found a need to create a personalized kennel in which she helped people choose the right puppy, not just any puppy.  Through this puppy pairing system, she has created numerous therapy dogs as well as countless well rounded, loving family members.