Quality bred and well socialied

  Quality bred and well socialized          *loyal    *loving     *highly addicitve                 




Ravine Acres Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds

Above...my kitchen floor when it is cooler outside.  Everyone enjoys to hang out with me.  Walking around at times is rather difficult.

Our puppies are kid tested and mother approved!  Over the years, we found (not on purpose of course) that puppies can bounce, be stepped on, squished somewhat without permanent damage.  They LOVE the  attention. 

Many of my puppies are pre-sold, spoken for at birth or shortly thereafter.  If you are hoping to adopt from Ravine Acres, I strongly recommend a deposit, our list of deposits acts as a waiting list.  Due to a large amount of requests we are unable to provide updates to individuals unless they have a deposit in place.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly @ racene3@gmail.com. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family, activity level, etc.  I am not trying to be snoopy, however it is very hard for me to make sure the puppy is a positive fit with your family if I don't know anything about your family dynamics or lifestyle.  If I feel that you are a good candidate for adoption, I will provide my telephone contact information to those that are genuinely serious and interested in speaking in person.

Many of your questions may be answered in the 'adoptions/information' area of our website, including health testing and pricing.  Please refer to this page for more information, absolutely feel free to contact me if you may have further questions.

We do offer shipping options via West Jet and some other select carriers, many of our puppies reside world wide.  Read more about our shipping options under our 'adoptions' tab.

I am sorry, we are unable to reserve any puppies without a deposit. 

To the left...

This is what my couch looks like when I try to update the website.  Lots of helpers.  That are really not that helpful.  It makes it a much longer but far more enjoyable task.  Everyone tries to help, they get offended if I decline their offer to help.

Updated October 27th, 2020

Feel free to contact us at racene3@gmail.com. 

PLEASE take a couple of minutes to read the information under the adoptions/information tab.  Many of your questions will be answered here including health testing and deposit information.
All of my adult dogs have received hip/elbow/patella x-rays to reduce the potential genetic disposition of these common ailments in the breed.  As well, all of our breeding dogs have had a full genetic disease testing panel completed.  I guarantee that you will have a puppy free of all diseases that we can test for through Pawprints or Gensol genetics.  I am happy to provide testing results to anyone that may be interested in reviewing.

Our puppies are being sold well in advance to birth, however below is an available puppy that I did not have a matching family for, simply due to the fact that she is much smaller than what my current adoptive families are looking for.  

Gypsy has a full length tail, pretty copper highlights (That will brighten as she matures) and 1 blue eye, 1 brown eye.  

Gypsy has received her first set of vaccinations and kennel cough vaccine.   She will be ready to move in with her new family any time now.  She is VERY interactive and sweet.  She gets along very well with the other pups, enjoys our cat, great with kids.  She is a very enjoyable little dog that has a big dog personality.  

Gypsy is paper trained, we are currently working on kennel training and basic potty habits.  So far she is picking up on all of her new activities very easily.  She is truly a perfect, flashy little toy sized aussie with a huge heart. 

Gypsy will reach a maturity height of about 11-12"? and is priced @ $3900.  See below for 2 more photos.

For West Coast enquiries, I have other puppies heading that direction in 10 days, I can arrange shared transportation to greatly reduce shipping costs, please enquire at racene3@gmail.com.  Tell me about you and you and your family, why you feel she would fit in and what your activity level/work schedule is like.

Ravine Acres Farm & kennel is located about 10 minutes off of the Anthony Henday, near Edmonton, Alberta.  

Our dogs are first and foremost our family pets.  They are not kennel dogs, they have a good life of running, playing, quadding with us, horseback riding with us and swimming at the lake.  When we go camping, we usually have 2 or 3 (and puppies if at that time we do have puppies).  They come into the house for playtime and take turns indoors regularly on cold days (well, pretty much every day over the winter...my kitchen looks like a massive dog rug as they all loiter on the floor).  They are kenneled in our heated shop nightly.  In nice weather, they get to enjoy their choice of 6 XXXL dog runs that are decorated with agility structures, dog houses, chew bones and balls.  They are normally out in the yard with us when we are outdoors.  Being that we are in the country, we have a very active, outdoor family life.  

Our dogs are chosen for their laid back personality, willingness to learn and loving personality.  Most all of our mini or toy australian shepherds will have the same interest and ability in physical activity, however they don't 'need'  to work such as most mini or standard australian shepherds tend to.  They are a herding dog, I however like to produce puppies with reduced herding instinct as most of our families don't have cattle in their back yard.  If you are looking for an active and able working dog, I do have a couple of females that will produce what you are looking for, just ask.  We do have a couple hundred cows here on the farm, the dogs have the instinct to work and willingness to try, just don't 'need'  to.

We have taken our dogs on extended hikes (up steep hills, mountainous terrain), quadding, bike riding, they are EXCELLENT activity partners.  Can keep up with just as much vigor and enthusiasm as the big dogs.  And if you are not able to get out there, they are just as interested in cuddling on the couch, receiving attention and love.  Typical of an aussie as they tend to have an 'off' switch, don't need to go and go.

Our breeding males and females are chosen for quality health and  confirmation, CERF eye certified, OFA tested for hips, healthy, happy, very interactive and social.  Although distance may make it difficult, if not impossible to come to visit, we welcome all prospective families out to the farm to meet the parent dogs in person as I feel it is important to ensure your future family companion is from a good, healthy environment.  For those that live further away, we do offer inexpensive shipping, I take care of all of the details, just ask if you may be interested.  Our puppies live Canada wide, some are now living in Europe, Mexico and USA.  

We work with the 'puppy puzzle'  stimulation techniques that help your puppy adjust to new stimuli with confidence and an open mind.  Puppies that are handled with this type of stimulation are reported to be 35% smarter and more trainable than puppies that have not received this type of stimulation from a very young age.  As well, we introduce cats, other dogs, livestock, chickens, pigs, multiple ages/sizes of people and children to our puppies.  Visits to the elementary school, seniors home, soccer field are all very normal for our puppies, it is important to help build a well rounded, confident individual.  

Our dogs have went on to be show dogs (top MASCA Canadian/USA dual champion female 2011), service dogs (autism, hearing impaired), frisbee (disc) champions, agility, flyball and working stock dogs.  Our adult dogs are registered with MASCA or ASDR, some dual registered.

We offer a health guarantee and lifetime support of your doggy family member.  And always welcome your dog back to our farm if in the future a situation may arise that makes it difficult for you to keep/care for your dog.  We will often times do an evaluation, socialization and training, screen and fit the dog with a new suitable placement.  

Now and then we are looking for a co-own (guardian) family for future kennel candidates.  

Our co-owner option is available to those that already own one of our dogs or are good friends of someone that owns one of our dogs, and live with in 1 hour (give or take a bit) from Edmonton.  

Email me directly @ racene3@gmail.com if you may have any questions!

For more information on our genetic health testing, and puppy supply package, please refer to the 'adoptions/information' scroll down bar at the top left side of this page.

Pictured above...Cherese and Tsu competing at the Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship Qualifier summer 2015, it was a very windy day, some of the throws got a little displaced.  She earned a place in the Worlds Championship competition in Tennessee, USA.